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Professional Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Columbia

If you've been injured on the job, you understand the financial stress that medical bills and loss of wages can cause. Luckily, South Carolina provides workers' compensation benefits to those who qualify. These benefits may cover medical expenses, lost wages or even extended disability. Unfortunately, many companies keep a lawyer on retainer to fight these claims and save money. Without a workers' comp lawyer in Columbia, you could find it much more difficult to get the compensation you deserve. The Law Office of Michael Witherspoon has years of experience in providing legal counsel for work injury cases. We can assist clients in completing applications and ensuring they turn them in by the deadline. If necessary, we represent clients in court, working together with medical teams to prove the injury was a direct result of the place of employment. We always do our best to help clients get the money they need to pay medical bills and continue to take care of the household until they can return to work.

Common Workplace Injuries

In some cases, it can be difficult to determine whether an injury qualifies for workers’ compensation. If it prevents you from doing your job efficiently or at all, causes you considerable pain and requires medical treatment, your injury likely qualifies. Common workplace injuries include overexertion due to excessive and repetitive lifting, pushing or pulling, slip and fall accidents, falling objects, motor vehicle accidents, fires or explosions. When you call our workers' comp attorney, we can help you determine if your injury qualifies.

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If you need an attorney to help you fight for workers’ compensation benefits, contact The Law Office of Michael Witherspoon’s Columbia or Orangeburg offices by calling 803-750-3510. For more information, check out our FAQ page.