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Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Columbia

The Law Office of Michael Witherspoon offers a team of experienced personal injury lawyers in Columbia. We provide our knowledge and expertise to help clients get the compensation they deserve after being involved in a car accident, motorcycle accident or truck accident. We can act as a personal injury expert in cases involving commercial trucks to determine whether the driver was properly carrying his or her load, driving within speed limits and receiving the required amount of downtime between jobs, all of which can factor into the cause of an accident.

Slip and Fall

Whether you slipped on a wet floor or tripped over broken concrete in the parking lot, a slip and fall case is serious. Proving another party is at fault if you fall is difficult on your own, but our firm may help you navigate the complicated legal system.


In many personal injury cases, the cause is negligence. Our injury lawyer works to prove negligence by examining the following timeline of events:
  • The defendant had a legal duty
  • The defendant failed to follow through on said duty
  • Failure to follow through caused injury
  • Injury caused personal financial loss for the plaintiff

Helping to Determine the Responsible Party

Our attorney provides guidance for clients who experienced a personal injury at home, in public or at work due to someone else’s negligence. Personal injury cases can be the result of a faulty product, an employer not properly labeling a dangerous area or even a dog bite.

Wrongful Death

Did your loved one die as the result of someone’s negligence? No amount of money can ease the grieving process, but it can make it easier for the family to prevent further financial loss due to medical and funeral expenses. We act compassionately but firmly when we take on a wrongful death case.

Also Serving Orangeburg and Surrounding Areas

Whether you have a premise liability suit or need a Social Security attorney, call The Law Office of Michael Witherspoon at 803-750-3510. We serve the Columbia and Orangeburg areas.