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Reasons to Start Estate Planning for Columbia Families

The Law Office of Michael Witherspoon is committed to providing you with reliable legal advice regarding estate planning. As we’ve provided advice regarding wills and estate litigation in Columbia, we’ve learned that many people postpone this topic. Here are some of the reasons you may want to start your preparations:
  • Neglecting to make plans generally leaves your belongings and property in the hands of the state government. This is often referred to as probate.
  • Arranging the division of your property ahead of time means you can ensure your assets are divided as you wish.
  • As federal laws evolve, your plans may require adjustment. Routine visits with your attorney may provide confidence that your heirs will have minimal responsibility for federal gift taxes.
  • Legal documents are necessary to ensure your children will be placed with the guardians of your choice.
Wills and trusts are similar estate planning tools with a few differences. For example, trusts go into effective immediately, while the other documents only go into effect after death. Learn more about the differences and benefits by visiting with a lawyer at our firm.

We Can Help With Wills and Trusts

Contested guardianships are often a source of frustration for family members. Our firm may be able to help you with trust litigation and contested wills in Orangeburg. We’ll review the facts and offer advice. You may qualify for representation during spousal election disputes, fraud claims or breach of fiduciary duty allegations.

Serving Orangeburg and Surrounding Areas

The Law Office of Michael Witherspoon provides services in Columbia and Orangeburg. We may be able to help you make preparations for the dispersal of your assets or represent you during a dispute over items in probate. We may also be able to provide you with assistance in a workers’ compensation case. Call 803-750-3510 for legal help.